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Sakinah Ishmael

Certified Lactation Counselor

Even before having my own children, I have always been the type of person wanting to help others find their way, offering encouragement and support, sprinkled with a little humor.  My breastfeeding journey began as a young mother who experienced breastfeeding challenges due to latching difficulties. The mothering experience was both emotional, physical and spiritual. These feelings, that are only associated with giving birth, I previously never knew existed.  When you give birth to a baby, a mother is also born and there is nothing more miraculous than motherhood. I believe on some level that I came to this work by way of my own experience, beginning with a desire to educate myself not only about breastfeeding, but parenting in general. With each new baby my breastfeeding experiences became more and more positive and less difficult. As I was growing personally, a good friend found me particularly helpful through her breastfeeding challenges and encouraged me to consider making lactation support my profession, which has now become my passion. I’m proud of the hard work I put in to acquire the required formal education, clinical skills and certification to become an  Certified Lactation Counselor and now enjoy staying up-to-date through conferences, conferring with trusted colleagues and learning from the families I have the pleasure of working with. My professional background includes years of providing lactation support for WIC clinics, helping mothers and babies. I also serve as a leader for the international breastfeeding support organization La Leche League.  My degree is in Human Services and I am currently furthering my degree in Health & Human Services Management.  I also have the  aspiration of obtaining my MSW and practicing as a family counselor. In addition to privately seeing clients, I currently teach classes and facilitate support groups.  I’m honored to have received referrals from a number of community members, colleagues and happy mothers.  The range of my practice gives me the opportunity to embrace the diversity among a variety of families and to work with not only newborns, but with babies at different stages throughout their breastfeeding journey. What I feel really sets me apart, is that I offer warm support, gentle encouragement and a true sense of empowerment while providing practical evidence-based tools to guide you along your individual breastfeeding journey. I  have learned  personally and  professionally, parenting is an incredible time with ups and downs we don’t fully realize until we are in the middle of it.  I love what I do and I believe my work reflects that.  I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with any breastfeeding supports, parenting and counseling services.

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