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It's Never Too Early

Prenatal Breastfeeding Supports

Experts agree that you shouldn't wait until your baby arrives to contact to get breastfeeding support. Halaal Mother's Milk Prenatal Counseling includes an individualized breastfeeding plan and private breastfeeding class designed to meet your personal learning objectives. The consult will be tailored specifically to your current knowledge of breastfeeding and infant care so that we don't spend a lot of time on information you already know.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Supports: Our Services

Before your baby arrives

Let's Welcome Your Baby Together!

I offer one-on-one support to breastfeeding mothers in a private, convenient location.

All mothers receive:

  • Support

  • Encouragement

  • Advice

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Breastfeeding Products Referrals 

  • 1 Free Phone Consultation before booking a service

  • 3 Free Follow-ups per breastfeeding support service

Prenatal Breastfeeding Supports: News


Before your baby arrives we will sit down and discuss breastfeeding and how it might impact your life. If your past experience with breastfeeding was less than what you had hoped for, you may need some extra reassurance and guidance tailored to your specific needs. Pregnancy is a time to get clear on your reasons to breastfeed, think about long and short-term goals and share what you are learning with your partner.  In this visit you may also be surprised to find out that your partner has lots of questions about new babies too. We will discuss normal newborn behaviors and practice techniques such as proper positioning that foster your breastfeeding success. Together, we will create a breastfeeding plan that fits YOUR busy life. This is a private, customized breastfeeding class that is unique to only you. Remember, your partner or support person(s) are encouraged to join.

Topic To Discuss

  • What to expect when breastfeeding

  • Defining areas that require extra education

  • Evaluation of past difficulties and ways to prevent future problems

  • The secret to a great latch

  • How to know that your baby is getting enough milk

  • Baby sleep patterns and scheduling

  • Breast care

  • Nursing bras

  • Intro to pumping

  • Support groups

  • How siblings adjust to new babies

  • How your partner can help

  • Herbal supplementation

  • Breastfeeding tools; what you need and what you don't

  • What to expect in your first few weeks with a new baby

Most first time prenatal visits last about 1 hour. In order to maximize our time together, I request that your paperwork be filled out and returned to me the evening before your visit.

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