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Breatfeeding Consultation

Nearly everyone has heard that breastfeeding is best for both moms and their babies. What you may not know is where to get clear, concise answers to your breastfeeding questions. When you you receive quality breastfeeding supports and information, breastfeeding will feel easier and you will be confident in your ability to provide breast milk for your baby.

Breatfeeding Consultation: Our Services

After your baby is born

Here’s What’s Happening

I offer one-on-one support to breastfeeding mothers in a private, convenient location.

All mothers receive:

  • Support

  • Encouragement

  • Advice

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Breastfeeding Products Referrals 

  • 1 Free Phone Consultation before booking a service

  • 3 Free Follow-ups per breastfeeding support service

Breatfeeding Consultation: Recent News

What to aspect

It's not unusual to feel uncertain after you get home and need some extra support. Having your baby in your arms and figuring out how to manage things once you're home can make you feel unprepared. By coming to you, it helps me assess your unique needs. After your visit, I'll give you a copy of the detailed plan of care we create which outlines what you should be doing, why and for how long. I'll also send a progress report to your baby's doctor. As an RN and IBCLC, I can work with the other members of your healthcare team and if needed, make other appropriate referrals to specialists in San Antonio. Your consult includes two weeks of follow-up care regarding the personalized careplan. Discounted  follow-up home visits are available as well.


  • Infant weight check with a calibrated baby scale

  • Signs of good milk transfer

  • Progress reports for your baby's doctor

  • Evidence-based breastfeeding advice

  • Review breastfeeding history

  • Review the history of maternal and infant health

  • Physical assessment of the mother’s breasts and the baby’s mouth and tongue (as needed)

  • Review birth story and hospital breastfeeding experience

  • Observation, assessment and hands-on assistance while feeding to optimize comfort

  • A personalized, written breastfeeding care plan

  • Follow-up care via telephone regarding the personalized careplan

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