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Mother with her Baby

Welcome to Halaal Mother's milk

With Halaal Mother's Milk, you and your baby are priorities, and I make sure to meet all of your breastfeeding support needs in a timely manner. I offer a variety of services to assist you throughout your breastfeeding journey! Book a consultation today!

Your breastmilk has been divinely prescribed for your baby. Breastfeeding is very clearly encouraged in the Quran. It is so amazing that Allah Almighty's Divine Claims in the Noble Quran are always scientifically proven to be accurate and Greatly beneficial to humanity. It is now very evident why breastfeeding is to be done for two complete years, if possible, as illustrated in the Quran.

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Sakinah Ishmael

Certified Lactation Counselor

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Dealing with breastfeeding issues can be a difficult situation. You shouldn’t have to go at it alone. I started Halaal Mother's Milk to be a support for women who want to accomplish blissful breastfeeding and accomplish the goal that has been set by Allah in the Quran. No matter if it is two days, two weeks, two months or TWO YEARS, I would love to be a support for you. I am certified, highly skilled, and have years of clinical experience. I always have my clients best interests and well being at heart. Schedule a consultation today.


CLCs provide breastfeeding counseling and lactation management in:

• Maternity units in hospitals and birth centers.
• Neonatal intensive care units and special care nurseries.
• Outpatient lactation clinics.
• WIC programs.
• Visiting nurse programs.
• Maternal and child health services at the state, county, and local level.
• Parenting centers, including military family support centers.
• Physician and midwife offices.

• In-Home Visits​

Do you have a women's group or sisters circle?

Group Classes now Available!

In addition to private consultations in your own home, I also offer in-depth group classes for expecting mothers and for mothers needing support to continue breastfeeding while returning to work or school. 
Whether you are a first time mother or it has been a while since you've had a new baby in the house, I offer a variety of classes to get you ready! I strive to make my classes as fun and informative as possible so that you can get the most out of our time together. If you are interested in holding breastfeeding classes taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor, contact me so we can discuss developing a class that meets your group's needs.

The first five days

Getting A Great Start

We go in-depth to discuss normal infant behaviors in those critical early days.  I will present ways you can advocate for yourself and your baby in the hospital setting. I'll teach you about different breastfeeding positions and give you the secret to getting a good latch. We will discuss signs of good milk transfer, building your milk supply, babies weight & much more. After taking this class, you will be confident in your ability to know that your baby is getting enough milk and the keys to preventing low milk supply.

You can make it WORK!

Going Back To Work & Breastfeeding

Learn smart scheduling strategies for breastfeeding moms who will return to work and want to ensure that their baby continues to get their precious breast milk. We will focus on breast milk storage guidelines, breast pump information, choosing the right bottles and other pumping equipment, how to effectively pump and legislation that protects the breastfeeding mother returning to work. I'll give you information to provide your baby's daycare provider to help them understand how to handle your breast milk and how the breastfed baby differs from a formula fed infant. Ideally you'll attend either prenatally or at least 3 weeks before returning to work. Babies are of course more than welcome to attend.

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Mother and a Child


Breastfeeding is very clearly encouraged in the Quran and breastfeeding by the mother to her new born infant is greatly beneficial as science had proven. Allah Almighty Commanded the mother to breast feed her child for two full years if possible. Scientist now know the many benefits of breastfeeding for two years and are still amazed at the miracles of the Quran. Brain cell development is rapid for the first two years of a baby's life. Breastmilk has stem cells which help to boost brain cell development.

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