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When to get help

It is so important to know when to call for breastfeeding help!

In the past, we lived in small villages raising our children as a collective, so breastfeeding was customary with supports offered daily. If a mother had breastfeeding issues that could not be resolved, she had several surrogate nursing mothers to choose from. In today’s society, many people often live far from their families, are having babies when they are older, or were born during a generation where breastfeeding was not widely practiced. For these reasons, breastfeeding typically occurs in the home and concealed from others. Due to the lack of exposure and knowledge, breastfeeding is still viewed as something that happens naturally for women. Unfortunately, for many women this is not the case and it may take practice as well as teaching from others to succeed. This is where breastfeeding support specialist can come to your aid. Our knowledge and experience allows us to be equipped with helpful hints and tips to promote happy and healthy breastfeeding relationships.

As a lactation counselor I hear a range of reasons why women stop breastfeeding that include but aren’t limited to a low milk supply, breast pain, nipple pain, pressure from family members, going back to work, teething, and lack of support (listed below are some of the more common reasons for why moms stop breastfeeding). In addition, many women will simply struggle to continue breastfeeding but in the end stop because they simply find it to be too hard.

If you are experiencing any trouble with breastfeeding, please contact a breastfeeding support specialist in your area so a full assessment may be taken. Often, a few simple changes can create a healthy breastfeeding experience!

Reasons to call for breastfeeding help:

  • Breast or nipple pain

  • Low milk supply

  • Fussy baby

  • Mastitis

  • Plugged ducts

  • Oversupply

  • Overactive letdown

  • Going back to work

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